Studies on Utilizations of Serpentine [I] Chemical Studies on the Fertilizer of Ignited Serpentine

蛇紋石의 利用에 關한 硏究 [I] 蛇紋石의 化學的 方法에 依한 肥效檢討

  • 함용묵 (國立工業硏究所 無機化學科) ;
  • 전해수 (國立工業硏究所 無機化學科) ;
  • 김용배 (國立工業硏究所 無機化學科)
  • Published : 19640300


In order to investigate the availability of serpentines occurring in Korea as fertilizer, the dissolving rates of Magnesia and Silicate contents in 0.5N HCl solution after heat treatment of the serpentines, have been studied. It was found that calcination of the serpentines at $700^{\circC$ for 30 min. was the best condition for utilization of serpentines as fertilizer. The weight decrease on calcining has also been discussed from the chemical point of view.



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