Reaction of Potassium Fluoride with Orgarnic Halogen Compound-II. Dimerization, Fluorination, and Decarboxylation of Organic Iodo acids, Iodides, and Polychlorinated Acid Ester

有機할로겐化合物과 KF 과의 反應 (第2報) 有機요-드酸, 沃化物 及 多鹽素化有機酸, 에스텔의 雙合, 弗化 及 脫炭酸 反應에 關하여

  • Kim, You-Sun (Chemistry Division, Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  • 김유선 (原子力 硏究所 化學硏究室)
  • Published : 19641200


The reaction of potassium fluoride with amyl iodide in presence of dimethylformamide at low temperature gave a fluorination product together with decane. Polyhalogenated acid such as ${\alpha}$, ${\beta}$,-dichloro-${\beta}$-phenyl-propionic acid gave ${\alpha}$-chlorostyrene, fluorinated styrene, and fluorinated acid. The same reaction with the ethyl ester did not give the fluorination product and gave a mixture of various dimerized product. Dibromostyrene gave bromostyrene together with fluorination product. Iodo acid such as m-iodo acid gave the salt and a trace quantity of dimerized product. Iodides such as m-iodotoluene and 1-amino-4-iodo-2-methyl benzene did not show any appreciable reactivity towards potassim fluoride. The reaction condition was described, and fluorination, ${\alpa}$-dehydrofluorination, decarboxylation, and dimerization were discussed.



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