Studies on the Light Fastness of Dyeings. (II) Fading Rate Curve

染色物의 日光에 對한 堅牟性에 關한 硏究 (第2報) 褪色速度 曲線에 對하여

  • Ha, Wan-Shik (Korea Textile Inspection and Testing Institute)
  • Published : 19641200


The author proposed an equation of fading rate, expressed as ${\Delta}E$=${\Delta}E_{1{\infty}}({{1-e^{-k}}_1}^t)+k_2t$, where ${\Delta}E$=fading of dye (colour difference of N.B.S. unit), ${\Delta}E_{1{\infty}}$=extremity value of fading of molecularly dispersed dye, $k_1$, $k_2$=constants, t=exposure (hours). The validity of above equation, which is connected with the state of dye in fibre, was confirmed by experimental in a range of 2-3 colour fading in grey scale value for assessing change in colour visually, except the case of increasing the fading rate with the time resulted from the break-down of dye particles through the heat effect of light; it was also discussed about possiblity of evaluating of fastness to light of dye in early stage.



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