Syntheses of Substituted tert.-Butyl(o-tolyl)-perpropionates

tert.-Butyl ${\beta}$-(o-tolyl)-perpropionate 치환체들의 합성

  • Hahn, Chi-Sun (Department of Chemistry, Yonsei University) ;
  • Martin, Michael M. (The University of Michigan)
  • Published : 19641200


The syntheses of substituted tert.-butyl ${\beta}$-(o-tolyl)- perpropionates via intermediates obtained by chloromethylation, malonic syntheses and decarboxylation is described. The intermediates substituted with a group possessing moderate substituent effect such as bromo, chloro, and methyl group were obtained in good yields. The nitro-substituted intermediat was obtained in poor yield. The chloromethylation of toluenes containing electron donating groups resulted in polymerization.



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