Mineralogical Studies on Korean Ceramic Raw Materials. I

國內 窯業原料의 基礎的 硏究 (第1報)

  • 지응업 (漢陽大學校 工科大學 窯業科) ;
  • 최상흘 (漢陽大學校 工科大學 窯業科) ;
  • 이응상 (漢陽大學校 工科大學 窯業科) ;
  • 상기남 (國立地質調査所)
  • Published : 19641200


Various ceramic raw minerals occuring in Korea were investigated laying emphasis on mineralogical identifications of them. Data of chemical analysis, differential thermal analysis, powder patterns of x-ray diffraction and particle size distribution were obtained for the present study. Hadong kaolin was confirmed as halloysite, and it was found that main constituent of some commercial pyrophyllite is mineralogically not pyrophyllite; Seongsan and Ockmaesan pyrophyllite consist of mainly kaolin group mineral, Tongnae pyrophyllite consists of muscovite, however Milyang and Jindo pyrophyllite is mineralogically pyrophyllite.



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