Studies of 8-Hydroxyquinoline Derivatives (Part II) Fe (II)-7-Nitroso-8-Hydroxyquinoline-5-Sulfonate

8-Hydroxyquinoline 誘導體에 關한 硏究 (第2報) Fe (II)-7-Nitroso-8-Hydroxyquinoline-5-Sulfonate 에 關하여

  • 이동형 ($金屬{\cdot}燃科綜合硏究室$)
  • Published : 19650300


The properties of Fe(II)-7-nitrose-8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonate have been studied spectrophotometrically at 700$m{\mu}$, $26^{\circ}C$. The absorbance of the complex shows a maximum at pH 6.0 and good thermal stability. Excess of the ligand and the reducing agent do not interfere the formation of the complex. The composition of the complex is found to be 3:1 ligand to metal species by molar ratio and continues variation methods. Calibration curve follow Beer's law over the range of concentratiion studied.



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