Studies on Magnesia Production. Production of Magnesium Hydroxide from Bittern and Sea Water

마그네시아 製造에 關한 硏究 간수, 海水로 부터 水酸化마그네슘 製造

  • Published : 19650300


One of the difficult and time consuming problems in the production of magnesia from sea water is a settling rate of magnesium hydroxide. In this experiments, authors attempted to accelerate its settling rate by addition of various sedimenting agents as C.M.C., Separan and Starch, and sought for optimum calcination temperature for domestic dolomite, as alkali source, mole ratio of dolomite milk to bittern. It is observed through experiments that the small amounts of sedimenting agents, C.M.C., Separan, starch, 20 mg/l, 40 mg/l, 400mg/l, respectively increase the settling rate of magnesium hydroxide by 8 times or more. The following conditions resulted in good yield of magnesium hydroxide from sea water with relatively tolerable calcium oxide contaminated for the magnesium clinker. Calcinating temperature, $1,100{\sim}1,200^{\circ}C$, mole ratio of 10% dolomite milk to magnesium salts in sea water or bittern, 1. 2 : 1.



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