A Study on the Quality of Korean Anthracites

國産無煙炭의 炭質에 關한 考察

  • 이계수 (湖南肥料 麗州肥料工場) ;
  • 정병선 (湖南肥料 麗州肥料工場)
  • Published : 19650300


In an effort to make a comprehensive investigation of the quality of the Korean anthracite various analysis-proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, and other analysis of the samples picked up from some 40 collieries were conducted. It was found that the quality of the Korean anthracite was in ferion in general with the graphitic property by half. The important ingredient of Korean anthracite is as follows: $Moisture\;:\;4{\sim}7%,\;Ash\;:\;20{\sim}30%,\;Volatile matter:\;3{\sim}5%,\;Sulfur\;:\;0.2{\sim}0.5%,\;Carbon\;:\;62{\sim}73%,\;Hydrogen\;:\;0.3{\sim}1.0%,\;Nitrogen\;:\;0.2{\sim}0.5%,\;Oxygen\;:\;2.0{\sim}4.0%,\;Calorific\;value\;:\;5,200{\sim}6,100 cal/g$.



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