Reaction of Organic Halogen Compounds with metals (Part III) Metal Distribution in the Reaction Products and System of a Reaction between Organo Chloro Acid or Ester and Metals under Various Solvents

有機할로겐化合物과 金屬과의 反應 (第 3 報) 有機클로로酸 및 에스터와 各種金屬과의 反應生成物 및 反應系中의 金屬分布에 關하여

  • Kim, You-Sun (Chemistry Division, Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  • 김유선 (原子力硏究所 化學硏究室)
  • Published : 19650300


Metal distribution in the reaction products and system of reactions between organo chloro acid or ester and zinc, silicon, magnesium, and tin under acetonitrile, dioxane, and toluene solvent were determined by means of radioactive tracer prepared by means of a (n, ${\gamma}$) reaction. It was found that the solubility of the organo halogen metal complex was markedly increased in a hydrophilic solvent and was decreased in a nonpolar solvent which resulted in an increased metal distribution in the recovered metal or water washing of the recovered metal mixture. This was also true in the case of the reaction conducted in the presence of a carbonyl compound. The relative increase of the solubility of the metal complex in a hydrophilic solvent was in order of zinc, silicon, tin and magnesium, and in a nonpolar solvent, it was in order of silicon, tin, magnesium, and zinc. There was no formation of organo metallics throughout the reaction sequence. The result was discussed and the observed solvent influence on the present reaction path was criticized.



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