The Complexes of Benzene with Halogens and Interhalogens in Carbon Tetrachloride

벤젠과 할로겐 또는 할로겐間化合物 사이의 錯物에 관한 연구

  • Published : 19651200


Ultraviolet spectrophotometric investigations have been carried out on the systems of benzene with iodine, bromine, chlorine and iodine monobromide in carbon tetrachloride. The results reveal the formation of one to one molecular complexes of the type, $C_6H_6{\cdot}X_2\;or\;C_6H_6{\cdot}IX$ (X denotes halogen atoms). The equilibrium constants obtained at $25^{\circ}$for the complex formation are 0.173, 0.137, 0.0643 and 0.341 $lmole^{-1}$ for $C_6H_6{\cdot}I_2,\;C_6H_6{\cdot}Br_2,\;C_6H_6{\cdot}Cl_2\;and\;C_6H_6{\cdot}IBr$, respectively. These results combined with those obtained by other workers indicate that the relative stabilities of the benzene complexes decrease in the order, $ICl > IBr > I_2 > Br_2 > Cl_2.$ This order may be measure of their relative acidities toward benzene, which is explained in terms of the relative polarizabilities of halogen molecules and the relative electronegativities of halogen atoms.



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