The Effect of Solvents on the Formation of Complexes of Benzene with Iodine and with Iodine Monochloride

벤젠과 요오드 또는 일염화요오드 사이의 錯物에 대한 용매의 영향

  • Published : 19651200


The effect of solvents on the stabilities of the $C_6H_6{\cdot}I_2$ complex and the $C_6H_6{\cdot}ICl$ complex has been investigated through ultraviolet spectrophotometric measurements. The equilibrium constants obtained at room temperature for the formation of $C_6H_6{\cdot}I_2$ complex are 0.090, 0.216 and 0.328$ lmole^{-1}$ in chloroform, cyclohexane and n-hexane, respectively. The corresponding equilibrium constants at room temperature for $C_6H_6{\cdot}ICl$ complex are 0.125, 0.676 and 0.689 $lmole^{-1}.$ These results indicate that the stabilities of the two complexes increase with decreasing dielectric constants of the solvents used, the increase in stability being more rapid in the $C_6H_6{\cdot}ICl$ complex than in the $C_6H_6{\cdot}I_2$ complex. This may support the conclusion that the dative ionic structures, $C_6H_6^+{\cdots}I_2^-$ and/or ($C_6H_6I)^+{\cdots}Cl^-,$ play important roles on the reasonance stabilization of both the $C_6H_6{\cdot}I_2$ complex and the $C_6H_6{\cdot}ICl$ complex, the roles being more important in the latter complex than in the former complex.



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