The Crystal Structure of p-Phenylenediamine Dihydrobromide.

p-Phenylenediamine Dihydrobromide의 結晶構造

  • Published : 19651200


p-Phenylenediamine dihydrobromide and p-phenylenediamine dihydrochloride are found to be isomorphous. p-Phenylenediamine dihydrobromide is triclinic with lattice parameters, $a=4.52{\pm}0.02{\AA}\;b=6.13{\pm}0.02{\AA},c=8.88{\pm}0.03{\AA},\;{\alpha}=111{\pm}1^{\circ},\;{\beta}=97{\pm}1^{\circ},\;{\gamma}=101{\pm}1^{\circ}.$ It belongs to space group $P\bar{1}$, and there is one molecule in the unit cell. The crystal structure is determined according to the method of Fourier synthesis from the electron density projections in three principal crystallographic axes. The crystal structure, thus determined is refined by the method of two-dimensional difference Fourier synthesis.



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