Acidity and Adsorption Mechanism of Solid Acid

固體酸의 酸性度와 吸着메카니즘에 관한 硏究

  • 권오천 (漢陽大學校 文理科大學 化學科)
  • Published : 19651200


Korean acid clays and Japanese acid clay were 1 N KCl solution and then their acidities were determined by measuring pH of the filtrates produced. And on examining the effect of neutral salt solution, such as KCl, NaCl, $BaCl_2,\;Pb(NO_3)_2\;and\;CuSO_4$, on the acidity, it was found that the effect decreased in order mentioned above and this situation proved to be in accord with Lyotrope series, i.e., the order of $K^+>Na^+>Ba^{++}>Pb^{++}>Cu^{++}.$ And after adsorbing cation, $Al_2O_3\;and\;Fe_2O_3$ which dissolved out of acid clay were measured, with the result that the amounts dissolved out were nearly proportional to acidity. This result accords with Kobayashi and Yamamoto's theory that the cause for acidity of clays is due to the fact that HCl which is formed initially by exchange of cation reacts with solid clay, and then chlorides dissolved out bring about hydrolysis, then resulting in the second formation of HCl. On measuring the rate which acid clay adsorbed dye in aqueous solution of basic and acid dyes, it was found that acid dye had no relation to acidity, and though it was not adsorbed by acid clay, the adsorption rate of basic dye was proportional to acidity. After adsorbing basic dye, pH was proportional to both acidity of solid acid and its adsorption rate of dye. Hence, it was concluded that the adsorption of basic dye was in accord with adsorption mechanism of neutral salt. This study led to find the acidic cause of solid acid and its adsorption mechanism of dye in aqueous solution.



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