Adsorption Mechanism of Solid Acid in Nonaqueous Solution

固體酸의 非水溶液에서의 吸着메카니즘에 관한 硏究

  • 권오천 (漢陽大學校 文理科大學 化學科)
  • Published : 19651200


Korean acid clays and silica gel were put into action on benzene solution of dye, such as aniline yellow, o-nitro aniline and oil orange, and then the adsorptivity of dye in nonaqueous solution was measured, with the result that adsorptivity was greater with silica than acid clays and it had no relation to acidity. And when chemical compounds, such as amine, alcohol, halogen derivative, were added to each dye solution by 10%(in volume), the change of the adsorptivity of dye by solid acid(that is, the interfered adsorption rate) decreased in order of amine > alcohol > halogen derivative, and in homologue the smaller the molecular weight, the larger was the effect. So adsorption in nonaqueous solution was a selective adsorption of chemical compounds which contained negative groups such as amine and hydroxyl radicals, and it had no relation to surface tension and showed inverted phenomenon of Traube series. It is guessed that the inverted phenomenon (the interfered adsorption phenomenon) was due to the polar chemical adsorption between active $SiO_2$ which was an origin of solid acid and the adsorbed substances, considering that the order of inversion was nearly in accord with dipole moment of added solvents. The results of this study led to find adsorption mechanism and inverted phenomenon of Traube series in nonaqueous solution.



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