Studies on Bovine Serum Protein Fractions (I, II)

혈청단백질분획(血淸蛋白質分劃)에 대한 연구(硏究) (I, II)

  • Rim, Bong Ho (Dep. of Pathology, Division of Veterinary Science, College of Agriculture, University Chunnam)
  • 임봉호 (전남대학교 농과대학 수의학과)
  • Published : 1965.09.25


I. A Comparison of Sodium Sulfate Precipitation and Zone(Paper, Agar) Electrophoresis; Many kinds of techniques have been used for fractionating serum proteins. In the present study, using bovine serum, the fractions obtained with sodium sulfate were compared with those determined by zone electrophoresis. 1. Fibrinogen was precipitated with 4 to 10 percent of sodium sulfate. 2. ${\gamma}$-globulin required 10 to 16 percent of the salt for precipitation. 3. ${\beta}$-globulin began to precipitate at 12 percent sodium sulfate, and completed precipitation at approximately 26 percent in paper electrophoresis, while at 22 percent in agar electrophoresis. 4. ${\alpha}$-globulin completed precipitation at 13 to 28 percent sodium sulfate in paper electrophoresis and at 22 percent in agar electrophoresis. 5. Albumin began to precipitate at 14 percent of the salt, and was free from the mixture of globulins approximately at 28 percent in paper electrophoresis, while at 22 percent in agar electrophoresis. The results of comparing fractions by the two methods were as follows: 1. Euglobulin (15%) was equal to the sum of the most ${\gamma}$-globulin and a small quantity of the ${\alpha}$-, and ${\beta}$-globulins. 2. Pseudoglobulin I (15-17.5%) corresponded to the most ${\alpha}$-, ${\beta}$-globulins and a small quantity of albumin. 3. Pseudoglobulin II(18-22%) was a mixture of the ${\alpha}$-, ${\beta}$-globulins and albumin fraction. 4. Albumin (above 22%) contained the most albumin fraction separated by zone electrophoresis and a small quantity of the ${\alpha}$-, and ${\beta}$-globulins. As mentioned above the fractions obtained with sodium sulfate were a mixture of the various proportion of the fractions determined by zone electrophoresis. The solubility of serum fractions to sodium sulfate coincided with the mobility of those by zone electrophoresis. (By percent of sodium sulfate we mean gram of sodium sulfate contained in $100m{\ell}$ of solution). II. Immunological Studies on Serum Protein Fractions with Sodium Sulfate; In the previous report the fractions of bovine serum protein with sodium sulfate compared with those obtained by zone electrophoresis, and the findings were that the former contained various proportion components of the latter. In this study the author studied whether or not the fractions with sodium sulfate are simple component antigenically by immunoelectrophoresis and micro double diffusion test (Immuno-precipitation), using rabbit antiserum to bovine serum. In immunoelectrophoresis, normal bovine serum developed with rabbit antibovine serum showed about ten distinct precipitin arcs. The distribution of these arcs was as follows: 1 albumin, 2 ${\alpha}_1$-, 3 ${\alpha}_2$-, 2 ${\beta}_1$-, ${\beta}_2$-, and 1 ${\gamma}$-globulin (Fig. 7, 9). In micro double diffusion test, five to six precipitation bands could be seen between antigens and antibody, the order of the precipitation bands location is albumin, ${\alpha}$-, ${\beta}$-, and ${\gamma}$-globulin from the side of antiserum well (Fig.19). Frequently the ${\alpha}$-, and ${\beta}$-precipitation bands were separated into two or three precipitation bands, which indicated that these globuline are not a pure component antigenically as shown in immuno-electrophoresis. In both Immunological methods, the two ${\alpha}$-, ${\beta}$-precipitin arcs and bands appeared clear and strong, indicating that the two globulins reacted as strong antigens. The precipitate reaction of ${\gamma}$-globulin was shown at 12 to 16 percent sodium sulfate; ${\beta}$-globulin at 12 to 20 percent; ${\alpha}$-globulin at 12 to 22 percent (immuno-electrophoresis), at 12 to 26 percent (Diffusion); and albumin at above 22 percent. Antigenically euglobulin contained ${\gamma}$-, ${\beta}$-, and ${\alpha}$-globulins, Pseudoglobulin I and Pseudoglobulin II were composed of ${\alpha}$-, and ${\beta}$-globulins, and albumin was a mixture of ${\alpha}$-globulin and albumin determined by zone electrophoresis. The results indicated that the fractions of serum protein obtained by either method were constituents of various proteins antigenically except ${\gamma}$-globulin and albumin by Zone electrophoresis.