Pathological Studies of Fibrinous Pleuritis in the Lung of the Korean Cattle

한우(韓牛)의 섬유소성(纖維素性) 늑막염(肋膜炎)에 관(關)한 병리학적(病理學的) 검색(檢索)

  • Published : 1965.09.25


Throughout the studies the followings were obtained and summarized here. 1. Thickenings of plerua were due to the organized fibrin deposition on the pleural surface. 2. Thickenings of plerura were accompanied with increaseness of fibrous connective tissues in the interlobular and alveolar septa. 3. Eosinophilic inclusions seemed to LCL bodies were observed in the cytoplasms of epithelial cells of bronchi, bronchial glands and in the cytoplasms of mononuclear cells. 4. Histo-pathologically, there were some evidences influenced by viruses and the organisms of Psittacosis-Lymphogranuloma Venereum Group.