A Necropsy Case of the Huge Pseudo-diverticulous Cyst at the Rumen of a Cattle

소의 제1위(第一胃)에 형성(形成)된 거대(巨大)한 가성게실(假性憩室)에 관(關)한 일부검례(一部檢例)

  • Bak, Ung Bok (Laboratory of veterinary Pathology, Jinju Agricultural college)
  • 박응복 (진주농과대학 수의병리학교실)
  • Published : 1965.09.25


In a cattle which had died of extreme emaciation caused by cachexic condition, a huge cyst of $45{\times}35{\times}20$cm, in size was found at the rumen. The cyst having with the narrow stalk which ended in blind sac attached firmly to the rumen by fibrinous or fibrous adhesion and, contained the lightly yellowish, clear exudative fluid of about 20 l, in volume. Grossly, the thickness of the cyst wall was 10~14mm, and its inner portion of the half was very rigid and colored with milky white in contrast with soft and edematous outer portion of the half. Microscopically the inner portion of the cyst wall was consisted of scarred fibrous tissue and possessed at its inner margin a little amount of the muscle fibers which had degenerated passably. These were confirmed as the muscle fibers in specific staining property by Van-Gieson's and Mallory-Azan stain. On regarding to above findings of gross and microscopic pictures, it was considered to be a pseudo-diverticulous cyst composed of the serosa and the muscle layer deriving from the wall of the rumen. And it was suggested that the cyst had been growing up to big size by storage of the plenty exudate arisen from its wall and was separated from the rumen at the end of its stalk.