Studies on Rabbit Serum Inhibitor of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus

전염성기관지염(傳染性氣管支炎) 바이러스에 대한 가토혈청억제물질(家兎血淸抑制物質)에 관한 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1965.09.25


It has been-reported that rabbit serum exhibit an inhibitory action on avian infectious bronchitis virus in embryonating chicken embryo. In this thesis, the biological, serological, physical and chemical properties of normal rabbit serum on the effect of the virus propagation were studied. Throughout the studies, the following experimental results 'were obtained and summarized here. 1. An inhibitory action of rabbit serum on avian infectious bronchitis vrius is due to the normal serum constituents. 2. The nature of the neutralization between normal rabbit serum and the virus is similar to that of the specific antiserum and the virus. 3. Rabbit serum, heat inactivated at $56^{\circ}C$, for 30 minutes, showed its average $log_{10}El,D_{50}Nl$ of 3.7. 4. The inhibitory compound present in the normal rabbit serum is inactivated by means of 5 per cent trypsin, 0.01 M potassium periodate, and absorbed to zymosan. 5. The inhibitory compound was not affected by 0.05 M trichloroacetic acid and 0.005M $KH_2PO_4$. 6. The higher the temperature of heat inactivation of rabbit serum caused the lesser the neutralizing effect on the virus. Heating the serum at $66^{\circ}C$, for 30 minutes brought about a complete loss of the neutralizing index of the serum. 7. No ions, as a cofactor, was incorporated to the inhibitory action of rabbit serum on the virus. 8. The inhibitory compound amays be found in a fraction of serum globulin.