A Study on Industrial Preparation Method of Ammonium Sulfate by Non-catalytic Oxidation

無觸媒酸化에 依한 黃酸암모늄의 工業的 製法에 關한 硏究

  • 정기용 (梨花女子大學校 藥學大學)
  • Published : 19660600


Ammonium sulfate synthesized by the air oxidation methods without catalyst using the reaction vessel which was fitted with fritted glass at the bottom of it and introducing, through the bottom, ammonia and air with constant flow rates to sulfurous acid solution of constant concentrations at the given temperatures. The experiment showed that the oxidation process was accelerated in accord with the increase of the air flow rates when the ammonia flow rate was constantly kept at ca. 100ml/min. in high temperatures. When the pH of the solution reached 9.0, the oxidation was nearly completed. It is assumed that in the process of reaction, $[O_{2}{\to}HSO_{3}^-]^{\neq}$ would be produced as an activated complex and the reaction was thought to be first order. The experiment indicated that the 0.5M sulfurous solution could be oxidized up to 98.54% at the flow rates of ammonia and air, 100ml/min., and 4l/min., respectively at $50^{\circ}C$.



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