The Oxidation of Specpure Nickel

Specpure Nikel의 Oxidation

  • Published : 19661200


The measurement of Oxidation of nickel has been investigated using vacuum quartz microbalance in the temperature range of $500^{\circ}{\sim}800^{\circ}C$ at various oxygen pressure. The rate constants of nickel-oxidation were evaluated according to the parabolic rate law. From the Arrhenius equation, the activation energy in the range of experimental temperatures were found that $E_{act}$= 35.4 Kcal/mole. It was also found that the parabolic rate constants varied approximately as the one fifth power of the oxygen pressure for nickel-oxidation. The mechanism for the oxidation of this metal were seemed to be via cation vacancy produced by excess of oxygen dissolved in the oxide film.



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