Studies on the Aging of Rubber Vulcanizates(PART I)

고무 제품(製品)의 노화성(老化性)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)(제1보(第1報))

  • Published : 1966.12.01


The aging characteristics of vulcanized rubber products manufactured in Korean industries have been studied, especially in terms of relationship between aging temperature and time, and also the comparison of results between Geer's oven testing and tube testing was made. It was assessed from changes in tensile properties resulting from conditioning at elevated temperatures for specified period of time. Even though the recipe of each sample is different, the results, as would be expected, has shown that at lower aging temperature the change of tensile strength indicate moderately and at the elovated severely as shown in Figure 9. Consequently, in spite of that the results from conditioning at various temperatures for certain specified period of time must be equivalent to each other, it shows inignorable tolerance. The results of Geer's oven test and tube test have shown slightly different value. It seemed to be caused by the result of migration phenomena on aging in Geer's oven.