Comparative Studies on the Free Amino Acids in Hog Cholera Infected Swine Tissues

돈(豚)콜레라 바이러스 감염조직(感染組織)의 유리(遊離)아미노산(酸)에 관(關)한 비교연구(比較硏究)

  • Published : 1966.10.22


The free amino acid contents in several tissues of swine were analyzed qualitatively by means of two dimentional paper chromatography. The tissues used were liver, kidney and spleen that were obtained from normal, immunized and hog cholera infected swines. The results obtained are as follows: 1. Liver: 20 amino acids were detected in normal, 17 in immunized and 15 in infected swines. 2. Kidney: 16 amino acids were detected in normal, 13 in immunized and infected swines. 3. Spleen: 15 amino acids were detected in normal in immunized and 13 in infected swines. 4. Glutamic acid, leucine, serine and threonine were present in high concentration in all of the cases examined. 5. The free amino acids were appeard to be decreased in the infected tissues with hog cholera virus.