Stidies on the Concentration of Total Serum Protein of Korean Cattle and Milk Cow Fed in Korea

한우(韓牛)와 유우(乳牛)의 혈청(血淸) 총단백량(總蛋白量)에 관(關)하여

  • Published : 1966.10.22


Observations were made on the total serum protein values of 532 Korean cattles(341 females and 191 males and 191 males) and 90 milk cows in order to determine the effects of age, sex and nutritional status upon serum protein. Results obtained in this studies were summerized as follows; 1. The concentration of total serum protein was higher in the adult than in the younger and was generally increased with the advance of age in Korean cattle. The rate of increase in total serum protein content was more significant in the young than that of adult. 2. The average concentration of total serum protein of male did not differ significaltly from that of females in Korean cattle. 3. The concentration of total serum protein in milk cows were significaltly higher than that of Korean cattle cows and this difference seemed to be influenced by rations high in protein 4. A general tendency showed that the concentration of total serum protein was significaltly higher in the Korean cattle keeping with good nutritional status than that of poor nutritional status.