Studies on the Infection Rate of Dirofilaria immitis of Korean Dogs in Chonju and its Vicinity by Means of Kume's Acetone-concentrating Method

아세톤집충법(集蟲法)에 의(依)한 전주지방축견(全州地方畜犬)의 견사상충(犬絲狀蟲) 감염률(感染率) 조사(調査)

  • Lee, Jae Ku (College of Agriculture, Chonpuk National University)
  • Published : 1966.10.22


Survey of the infection rate of Dirofilaria immitis in Korean dogs was made in Chunju area by means of Kume's Aectone-Concentrating method. During the period of 60 days(July August) 1cc of the blood was collected from Vena mediana antebrachii of each of 205 dogs over the age of one year regardless of its sex.(In this case 2cc syringe was used.) Time for collecting the blood was from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The collected blood was checked, using Kume's acetone-concentrating method.: The results were summarized as followings. Microfilaria was detected in 47 dogs(23%) out of 205. Based on the dog's age, microfilaria possitive rate is 15.5% (12 dogs out of 77) at one age; 24%(14 dogs out of 59) at the age of two; 28%(12 dogs out of 43) at the age of three; 5%(5 dogs out of 15) at the age of four.