Studies on the Subgross Anatomy of the Conine Viscera by the Vinylite-Corrosion Technique 1. The Distribution of Bronchial Branches and BloodVessels in the Lung

합성수지주입법(合成樹脂注入法)에 의한 개내장(內臟)의 준조대해부학적(準粗大解剖學的) 연구(硏究) 제(第)1보(報) 폐(肺)의 기관분지(氣管分枝) 및 혈관분포(血管分布)에 관(關)하여

  • Mo, Ki Choul (College of Agriculture, Kyong Puk University)
  • Published : 1966.10.22


This study was conducted to observe the condition of the ramifications of the bronchus and pulmonary blood vascular system by injecting the vinylite into the bronchial tree and pulmonary blood vessels in 100 normal adult dogs. The results obtained were summarized as follows: 1. Lungs of dog were composed of the same pulmonary territories as in lungs of human. 2. Cardiac lobe corresponding to R.medio-bassalis of human lungs was well developed and situated as a independent cardiac lobe, in ventral side of right lung. 3. Bronchial tree were in the patterns of axial divergency and blood vascular systems were (in general) branched along the bronchial tree, arteries lying near the bronchial tree but veins apart from it. 4. Among the branching patterns of bronchus pulmonary artery and pulmonary vein in each lobe, the type presented most frequently were noted, which were designated basic type by the author. 5. Pulmonary blood vessels were not always branched in accordance with bronchial tree, diverged inmore complex patterns, especially in venous vascular system. 6. Ramus anterior (lobe apicalis) was always observed in all casting specimen. 7. There was a case of peculiar variation patterns of the ramification in the bronchi directing into the left apical and cardiac lobe, arose respectivelly, at independent origin of bifurcation in the left bronchial stem, and a case of peculiar variation pattern of the artery entering left apical lobe and cardiac lobe, had a same origin of the bifurcation at rami pulmonary artery, and then divided respectivelly into the rami medi artery and rami left apical lobe artery. 8. In the classification based on the patterns of bronchial and blood vasculor divergencys, there were a lot of significant combination cases in their patterns.