Radio Thin Layer Chromatography of Organic Halogen Compounds

有機할로겐化合物의 放射化 Thin Layer Chromatography

  • YOU SUN KIM (Chemistry Division, Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • SOON KO KIM (Chemistry Division, Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • KI SOO KIM (Chemistry Division, Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  • 김유선 (原子力硏究所 化學硏究室) ;
  • 김순옥 (原子力硏究所 化學硏究室) ;
  • 김기수 (原子力硏究所 化學硏究室)
  • Published : 19670600


Radio thin layer chromatography of organic halogen compounds by neutron irradiation technique was investigated for the purpose of identifying and separating the mixture of halogen compounds. It was found that various halides, organic acids, and aldehyde gave a distinct developing peak both in cases of individual compound and a mixture of two or three components when the samples were developed by solvent methanol. But poly chlorinated compounds and aromatic or alicyclic chlorides gave more than one component peak when the sample was developed after neutron irradiation. Rf value of each compound was distinct and reproducible. The procedures were described and validity of the present method is discussed.



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