Studies on the Constituents of Spiraea Koreana Nakai

참조팝나무의 成分 Alkaloid 에 關한 硏究

  • Published : 19670900


A new alkaloid named Spirajine(m.p. 182~$184^{\circ}C$ $[{\alpha}]d^{19}+3.4^{\circ}$ in $CHCl_3$, $C_{23}H_{33}NO_3$, colorless prism) was isolated from the leaves of Spiraea Koreana Nakai (Spiraeceae) (Korean name "Chamjopab namu") which grows in the mountaineous area of Korea, by process of Scheme I (yields 0.13%). Another two unidentified alkaloids (not yet crystallized) were separated by the method of thin layer chromatography. (The Rf values of the two unidentified alkaloids were 0.66, 0.77, respectively and Spirajine 0.72) Spirajine were subjected to the structural investigation with the use of ultra violet and infra red spectrophotometry, and opical rotatory dispersion. The alkaloid contains two ketonic carbonyl groups, tertiary hydroxyl group, methyl groups, N-methyl group and both cyclohexane ring and cyclopentane ring.



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