Metabolic Change of I131 in Unilatearl Thyrodectmized Rabbits

일측(一側) 갑상선(甲狀腺) 제거(除去)가 I131의 대사(代謝)에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1967.10.22


In these studies, the relationship of the thyroid function of normal and unilateral thyroidectomized rabbit, were st studied. $I^{131}$ uptake rate of the thyroid gland, the concentration of the $PBI^{131}$ and $I^{131}$ in the blood, erum $PBI^{131}$ conversion ratio, and the thyroidal $I^{131}$ release rate in ten rabbits were mesured following a single intramuscular injection of $10{\mu}ci$ of $I^{131}$. 1. The thyroidal $I^{131}$ uptake rate in the treated group were 5.06, 8.58, 6.46, and 6.54% in 12, 36, 60 and 85 hrs., respectively, after injection of $I^{(3)}$. The uptake rate were significantly differrenciate between the two groups. (P<0.05) 2. The $PBI^{(3)}$ conversion ratios were 9.87, 15.63, 41.01, 66.25 and 66.25% in 12, 36, 132, 180 hrs., respectively, after injection of $I^{131}$. No significant difference was observed between the groups. 3. The concentration of $PBI^{131}$ and $I^{131}$ in the blood were significant between the groups. 4. The excretion rate of $I^{131}$ in urine was not significant between two groups, but the excretion of $I^{131}$ in the treated group was higher than that of the control group. 5. The exrcetion rate of $I^{131}$ in feces in the treated group were significantly higher than the control group. (p<0.01)