A One-Year Analysis of Dairy Cow Diseases of Seoul Area at Hyup Dong Large Animal Clinic

협동유우진료소(協同乳牛診療所)를 중심(中心)한 서울근교(近郊) 유우질환(乳牛疾患)의 연간조사보고(年間調査報告) (II)

  • Published : 1967.10.22


Number of dairy cow patients diagnosed and treated at Hyup Dong Large Animal Clinic during the year, October 1, 1966, through September 30, 1967, were amounted to 1,119 cases and the result of analysis of disease incidence during one year period were as follow: 1. In the etiologic diagnostic categories, diseases cause by infection with lower organism were most productive and 43.3% of all diagnosis involved in this category. 2. In the topographic diagnostic categories, 37.3% of all diagnosis involved the urogenital system and were observed most productive. 3. As a result of each topographic diagnostic categories were subdivided into disease entities, 21.4% of all diagnosis involved the mastitis and this were observed most productive in the miscellaneous disease entities. Next productive disease were indigestion (11.9%), endometritis(11.5%), miscellaneousl ovarian disease(11.1%) and retained placenta(81.1%) chronologicaly.