Histopathological Studies on Enzootic Pasteurellosis of Domestic Rabbits in Korea

가토(家兎)의 Pasteurella성폐염(性肺炎) (Snuffles)에 관(關)한 병리학적(病理學的) 검색(檢索)

  • 권영방 (농촌진흥청 가축위생연구소) ;
  • 임창형 (서울대학교 농과대학)
  • Published : 1968.10.22


Pathological studies on the Enzootic Pasteurellosis of domestic rabbits were performed and discussed. The chief pathological findings were as follows: Grossly, pneumonic lesions were located mainly in apical and cardiac lobes. The lesions were well demarcated with unaffected surrounding tissue. The pleural surface of pneumonic lesions were usually appeared as yellowish~white fibrinous exudate and, in some cases, abscesses were also shown. Microscopically, various cellular exudates composed mainly of neutrophils, large monocytes and lymphocytes were observed in the alveolar spaces. Some alveolar spaces were filled mostly with fibrinous exudates. Occasionally, thrombosis accompanied with infarcts were encountered in pneumonic lesions. There were deposition of purulo-fibrinous exudates on the visceral pleura.