The Serological Studies for the Korean Bovine Serum of Vaccinated with Black-leg living Vaccine [I] Analysis of Immune Serum by Paper Electrophoresis

기종저(氣腫疽) 예방주사(豫防注射) 한우(韓牛)에 대(對)한 혈청학적(血淸學的) 연구(硏究) [1] 여지전기영동법(濾紙電氣泳動法)에 의(依)한 기종저(氣腫疽) 면역혈청단백(免疫血淸蛋白)의 분석시험(分析試驗)

  • 서부갑 (서울시립농업대학 수의학과)
  • Published : 1968.10.22


1. The albumin, ${\beta}-globurin$ and ${\gamma}-globurin$ fractions of non-vaccinated bovine serum (Control) int declined, and a total protein and ${\alpha}-globurin$ level are advanced on the reversible rather than of vaccinated immumized bovine serum. (Table 5.) 2. Some few exists the to bring about changed in the individuals and sexual in a vaccinated bovine serum, however, Male serum globurin fractions are higher than Female globurin fractions percentage. (Table 1 and 3.) 3. Albumin fractions are Age-ablly variable, so that, younger's are rather lower than adult's such reported as in the another litratures. 4. In the monthly analysis of immunized bovine serum the first week to at dulation for third weeks were slowly advanced as variablly in serum-protein fractions of ater by the Black-leg No. 2 vaccination, then, albumin fractions were illustated as maximum ratio (42.73 3.49%) and increased much as 14.9% more than non-vaccinates, and ${\alpha}-globurin$ fractions indicated the minimum ratio(15.11 2.35%) at for 4th month after vaccination decrease much as about 7.71 % rather non-vaccinated normal bovine serum. (Table 4. and Fig 3.) Next, continuous advanced the ${\beta}-globurin$ fractions at first month as primary crisis in a diagram, and indicated the maximum ratio at 8th months as the second crieir on the its diagram of after vaccinati on, however, few changed in non-vaccinated bovine serum. (Figs 4.) Especially, ${\gamma}-globurin$ fractions are advanced the maximum ratio as 41. 45% 4.48% anp advanced to be widely range much as about 22.55% more than control serum at 5th months of after the vaccination. That is one of the most considerable evalution in Black-leg No. 2 vaccination to Korean calevs as great presence of the maximum immune antibodies at for 5th month after the vaccination. (Table 4. and Fig 4.) 5. In the relationship between vaccinated rabbit and Korean calves, serum protein fraractions were to be changed within the 3 weeks, so that albumin fractions of vaccinated immune bovine serum are increased as directly ratio, while vaccinated rabbit immunized serum showed the decrease as to reciprocal ratio. Although, conclude that ${\gamma}-globurin$ fractions are increased gradually by and large on the vaccinated immune bovine serum(B. P. S.) and vaccinated immune rabbit serum(R. P. S.) together. (Table 6).