Studies on the Quality Reinforcement for Pneumatic Tire and Tube (Part 4). Physical Properties of Various Portions of a Tire made of NR-Syn. R. blends

Tire 및 Tube의 품질보강(品質補强)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)(제4보(第4報)) 천연(天然)고무에 합성(合成)고무를 혼용(混用)한 각(各) 부위(部位)의 응용배합(應用配合)에 따른 성능(性能)

  • 김준수 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 이명환 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 염홍찬 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 이진범 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 박창호 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 홍종명 (동신화학공업주식회사) ;
  • 임동호 (동신화학공업주식회사)
  • Published : 1969.12.01


As a part of a series of previous studies, physical properties of various portions of a tire made of NR-Syn. R bloods were studied. 1. It was found, in general, most effective for tire tread when 50 parts of HAF black was blended with NR and Syn. R with a ratio of 70/30. 2. It was found that the use of SBR 1712 has an advantage in price, easy processing and physical properties than other synthetic rubber. 3. A technical compounding of various portions of a tire has to be determined for optimum cure conditions.