Studies on the Quality Reinforcement for Pneumatic Tire and Tube (Part 5) Physical Properties for Tire Cord and Butyl Tube

Tire 및 Tube의 품질보강(品質補强)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) (제5보(第5報)) Tire Cord 및 Butyl Tube의 물성(物性)에 대(對)하여

  • 김준수 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 이명환 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 염홍찬 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 이진범 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 박창호 (육군기술연구소 고무연구실) ;
  • 홍종명 (동신화학공업주식회사) ;
  • 임동호 (동신화학공업주식회사)
  • Published : 1969.12.01


1. Physical properties of various nylon cords in a tire, both of home and foreign products are studied. The experimental data for home nylon cords appeared to be quite satisfactory for use in a tire compared with foreign nylon cords with respect to its tenacity, elongation, shrinkage and contraction. 2. Excellent results have been obtained with 50 phr carbon in butyl-carbon compounding.