Studies on Kokja of High Quality(Part 1) Preparation of new type Kokja and its activity

국자(麴子)의 개량(改良)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)(제(第) 1 보(報)) 개량국자(改良麴子)의 제조(製造) 및 그 능력(能力)

  • 정호권 (건국대학교 식품가공과)
  • Published : 1970.06.28


1. Aflatoxin free and highly active new type kokja was made with strong two strains of yeast (Y-16, Y-21) and two strains of highly saccharifying active Aspergillus (A-32, A-11). And they were isolated from many kinds of kokja (over hundred) collected from all over Korea. 2. Activities of new type kokja was compared with old type kokja, and results were as following. (i) Saccharifying activity; New type kokja B, C and D were excellent (over 8. 0%), and home made old type kokja were poor quality. (ii) Alcohol fermentation; New type kokja C and D were over 12% and the old type K-12 and K-161 were low activity (less than 10%). (iii) Acid fermentation; Old type kokja K-2o and K-156 (industrial use) were better than the new type C and D. (iv) Fusel oil fermentation; Old type kokja K-23, K-26 (industrial use) and K-12 (home made) fermented high fusel oil (0.07%) and new type kokja C, D and B were the lowest (0.04%). 3. Adding food preservatives (AF-2, D.E.P.C.) and heat sterilizing of wheat bran for kokja had little concerning with the activity of new type kokja. 4. In brewing test, takju made from kokja C and D were more excellent in alcohol and fusel oil concentration than those from old type kokja K-1 and K-23. Taste and odour of takju from new type kokja was good enough to drink.