Studies on Korean Snake Wines (Part 2) On the Cholesterol

한국산(韓國産) 사주(蛇酒)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)(제(第) 2 보(報)) 사주(蛇酒)의 CHOLESTEROL에 대(對)하여

  • Park, Y.J. (College of Agriculture, Choong-Nam University) ;
  • Chung, S.R. (Institute of Scienec Technology, Taejon Presbyterian College)
  • Published : 1970.06.28


In this study, total cholesterol was determined in three kinds of Korean snake wine (50V% alcohol extracts of Salmo-Sa, Dok-Sa and Nung-Sa) by Zak's method and was discussed as follows: 1. The snake wines extracted from snakes after winter sleeping were lower content of cholesterol than those extracted from snakes before winter sleeping. 2. The higher content of original snake's lipid was, the higher content of cholesterol isolated into snake wines.