Studies on the Processing and Management Forms of Filatures

우리나라 제사공장의 공정 관리실태에 관한 조사연구

  • 송기언 (농촌진흥청 잠업시험장) ;
  • 이인전 (농촌진흥청 잠업시험장)
  • Published : 1970.12.01


The processing management forms of our country's filature factories in 1969 are summarized as follows. (1) About 80% of total cocoon collection is made within 5 days involving peak day, and 10% of cocoon collection is finished until 3 days before and after the peak day, (2) About 92% of alive cocoons transported on unpaved road, and about 40% of the cocoons purchased by all factories are loaded on trucks from common selling station which is far beyond 40km, therefore a new packing system of alive cocoons to drop the damage of cocoon qualities, should be taken. (3) 22% of all factories in our. country have only low-temperature cocoon drying machine. Therefore the installment of hot-air cocoon drying machine is required urgently. (4) In view of cocoon qualities in our country, the grouping method of cocoon for reeling. taken by about 50% of the factories at percent, which classify cocoons for reeling as high group (1,2,3,4 grades) and low group(5,6 grades), will have to be replaced by the method tat classify them high group (1,2 grades) middle group (3,4 grades), low group (5,6 grades). (5) The .ratio of cocoon assorting stood about 10% in multi-ends reeling, about 15% in automatic reeling, conclusively, the ratio of cocoon assorting for automatic reeling was higher tan that for multi-ends reeling. One person's ability for a day in cocoon assorting reaches to about 80-100kg. (6) Cocoon cooking condition requires the increase of the cooking time, the pressure and temperature used to be prolonged as much as the qualities of cocoons are material cocoon ior automatic and double cocoon machines are treated uncompletely. (7) Automatic silk reeling is being performed at 1-2$^{\circ}C$ lower in reeling water temperature and operated at about twice velocity. (8) The temperature and humidity of rereeling room stood at 25$^{\circ}C$, 67.2% R.H and 32.3$^{\circ}C$, 51.9% R.H of rereeling machine are showed, Average rereeling velocity is 233m/min and large reefs charged for one person are 7.5 reels and form of skein used in all factories is double skein. (9) About 73% of water sources for filature used under-earth water. About 48% of all filature factories in our country have not yet water purifying equipments. Installation of the equipment for these factories seems to be urgent, (10) Denier .balance, sizing reel, seriplane, are being used in most factories as self-inspection apparatus. (11) More than 90% of the factories use the vacum tank in rereeling process and about 20% of them use it in cocoon cooing process (12) Only 21% of the factories use chemicals in filature process. About all them use "Seracol 100" in cocoon cooking process and "Seracol 500" in rereeling process, (13) Above survey results explain each all factories show large difference in the processing management. Therefore, it is believed that intercommunication through seminar or technical exchange will contribute to the production evaluation of cocoon in our filature industry.