I.R. Band Assignment of some Substituted Urea Compounds and Studies on their Hydrogen Bonding Character

Urea 誘導體의 I.R.Band Assignment와 그들의 水素結合에 關한 硏究

  • Jong Taik Kim (Chemistry Department, Taejon Presbyterian College)
  • Published : 19700600


Band assignments in the infrared absorption spectra of the four substituted Urea compounds, Fenuron (3-phenyl-1,1-dimethyl urea), OMU (3-cyclooctyl-1,1-dimethyl urea), Herban (3-(hexahydro-4,7-methanoidan-5-yl)-l,1-dimethyl urea), and Monuron (3-(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethyl urea), are made by analyzing the spectra obtained with various solvents. The results suggest that Fenuron and Monuron, each of which contain an unsaturated benzene ring, have a strong tendency to bond through both the amino group and the carbonyl oxygen. Herban and OMU, however, exhibit a much greater change in strength of the carbonyl bond than of the amino bond. It means that a strong hydrogen bonding occurs only at the carbonyl oxygen in the compounds.



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