Studies on Chemical Components in the Korean Panax Ginsevh (1) Identification and Quantitative Determination of ${\beta}$-Sitosterol in Crude Sterol Fraction of the Panax Ginseng

한국인삼의 화학 성분 연구(제1보) 인삼의 Crude sterol fraction 에서의 ${\beta}$-sitosterol 분리 및 정량

  • 안영필 (건국대학교 화학과 중앙전매기술연구소) ;
  • 정종천 (건국대학교 화학과 중앙전매기술연구소)
  • Published : 19701200


A experiment was performed to investigate the stigmasterol and campesterol in the Panax ginseng. Crude sterol fraction obtained from the ginseng was analysed by TLC and quantitative determination of ${\beta}$-sitosterol was performed with colorimetric method. The results were summarized as follwer, 1. It was observed with ethyl ether-petroleum ether extract of the ginseng that there was no evidence of showing the presence of both free capesterol and stigmasterol but that only ${\beta}$-sitosterol was presence in an significant amount. 2. Average amount of the ${\beta}$-sitosterol was 0.20-0.35mg per gram of the sample.



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