Activated Clay Maunfacturing Studies(II) Studies on the Estimation of Acid Clay Structure

活性白土에 關한 硏究(제II報) 酸性白土의 構造 推定에 關하여

  • Published : 19701200


Composition of Acid Clay, the raw material for activated clay manufacturing, was investigated to develop useful data in deciding activation condition. Speculations on components and structure of activated clay were also made in order to see how included components of raw materials change during activation process. And a study was made on relations between structure of activated its adsorptivity. For this research, theremogravimetric analysis, X-ray differaction analysis and calculation of adsorptive index were carried out.



  1. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi v.30 Kuhei Kobayashi
  2. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi v.31 Kuhei Kobayashi
  3. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi v.32 Kuhei Kobayashi
  4. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi v.35 Kengichi Yamamoto
  5. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi v.32 Yoshio Tanaka
  6. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi v.60 Yoshiro Morita
  7. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi v.33 Naohito Kameyoma
  8. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi v.35 Yoshio Tanaka