Derivative Thermometric Titrations Employing Operational Amplifier Instrumentation

연산증폭기를 사용한 미분법 열적정장치

  • Published : 19701200


An improved derivative thermometric titration apparatus designed around operational amplifiers is described which is capable of monitoring the small temperature change and of computing the derivatives for accentuation of the titration end point that is difficult to locate by extrapolation methods. The instrument is constructed of four commercial operational amplifiers. A use of dummy cell provides the subtraction means for compensation of the initial temperature and random temperature fluctuations with a resultant gain in signal-to-noise ratio. The successive differentiation action of the computer has been nearly "perfect," so that the two breaks (blank or starting and end point of the titration curve can be located with the precision of 0.2% by observing two peak points on the second derivative curve. Arrangements useful in obtaining such a good derivative response that is exactly proportional to the input signal are discussed. Plots of the enthalphogram and its derivatives are presented, with the results of several titrations used to evaluate the performance of the apparatus.



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