Studies on the Production of Purified Protein Derivative Tuberculins

Purified Protein Derivative Tuberculin의 생산시험

  • Kim, J.K. (Veterinary Research Laboratory) ;
  • Kim, B.H. (Veterinary Research Laboratory) ;
  • Lee, H.S. (Veterinary Research Laboratory) ;
  • Jeon, Y.S. (College of Agriculture, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1970.12.05


For the establishment of more reliable and applicable methods for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in dairy cattle, avian- and mammalian PPD tuberculins were prepared according to the methods of Weybridge purified protein derivative tuberculins with minor modifications. PPD tuberculin was not only a very pure product from a chemical standpoint, but also one which, judged on the basis of laboratory results, was likely to be more potent and reliable than HCSM tuberculin.