Pathogenic and Morphologic Variation of Toxoplasma gondii by X-Ray and Neutron Flax Irradiation

X-Ray 및 Neutron 조사에 의한 Toxoplasma gondii의 병원성 및 형태학적 변화에 대하여

  • Published : 1970.12.05


Series of experiments were conducted to determine lethal does of X-ray and Neutron on Toxoplasma gondii. strain RH and IRI. As well morphological changes of Toxoplasma gondii irradiated or not were compared by use of electron microscope. The pathogenicity test of the irradiated and nonirradiated Toxoplasma gondii was made in mice guinea-pigs, rabbits and pigs: The letahl dose of X-ray and Neutron on RH and IRI strain and the growth rate between two strains after irradiation were shown little differences. Morphological changes were not observed until 18th passage was made. After then, the growth rate was decreased apparently, and atrophied forms were frequently observed in electron microscope. Survival time of animals inoculated with irradiated strain was longer than that of animals giving non-irradiated strain, and Toxoplasma gondii were isolated from all the dead animals. But it is of interest that pigs survived after injection of Toxoplasma gondii remained health and much attempts were failed toisolate Toxplasma gondii remained health and much attempts were slaughtered them. Animals were succumbed after injection of Toxoplasma gondii without any relationship with serum titers. (HA antibody).