Pathological Studies on the Renal Disease among Korean Native Cattle I. The Occurrence of Interstitial Nephritis

한우의 신장 질환에 관한 연구 I. 간질성 신장염의 발생

  • Chung, U.I. (Institute of Veterinary Research) ;
  • Lee, K.W. (Institute of Veterinary Research) ;
  • Lim, C.H. (College of Agriculture, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1970.12.05


In this study, 198 cases of Korean Native Cattle having renal lesions were observed during the examination of a cases and total of 350 cases in 1967. The lesions observed were 190 cases of interstitial nephritis (54.3%) I case of atrophic kindey (0.3%), 5 cases of renal cyst (1.4%) and 2 casces of renal abscess (0.6%). The interstitial nephritis was classified into focal (73.2%), local (13.6%) and diffuse (13.5%) in type. The gross and microscopic findings for the lesions were also described and discussed.