Studies on t Sediment Deposit and Storage Capacity of the Honam Province

호남지방의 저수지의 매몰상황과 저수량에 관한 조사연구

  • Published : 1970.06.01


Fourteen reservoirs maintained by the local land improvement associations in the province of Chullabuk-Do and 20 reservoirs maintained by those in the province of Chullanam-Do, were surveyed in connection with a correction between storage capacity and sediment deposit. In addition to this survey, 3347 of small scale reservoirs, that lie scattered around in the above mentioned two provinces were investigated by using existing records pertaining to storage capacity in the office of City and Country, respectively. According to this inrestigation. the following conclusions are derived. 1. A sediment deposition rate is high, being about 10.63m$^3$/ha of drainage area, and resulting in the average decrease of storage capacity by 27.5%. This high rate of deposition could be mainly attributed to the severe denudation of forests due to disorderly cuttings of trees. Especially, in small scale reservoirs, an original average design storage depth of 197mm in irrigation water depth is decreased to about 140mm. 2. An average unit storage depth of 325.6mm as the time of initial construction is decreased to 226mm at present. This phenomena causes a greater shortage of gation water, since it was assumed that original storage quantity itself was already in short.