Studies on Milk-clotting Enzyme of Dothiorella ribis -Part I. The Production of Milk-clotting Enzyme-

Dothiorella ribis 가 생산하는 응유효소에 관한 연구 -제 1 보 응유효소의 생산-

  • Published : 1971.08.28


Microorganisms producing milk-clotting enzyme were isolated from 1,506 strains which were collected from soil on the various places of Korea, and from strains which were already identified. Dothiorella ribis was taken as a good strain producing milk-clotting enzyme. When it is cultured on wheat bran, the optimum experimental conditions for the production of milk-clotting enzyme were consequently obtained as follows: 1) $30{\sim}35^{\circ}C$ of temperature and 4.0 of pH. 2) $60{\sim]80%$ of cultivating water to the weight of wheat bran. 3) addition of $(NH_4)_2SO_4$ as a nitrogen source, $NaCl\;and\;KH_2PO_4$ as an inorganic salt, and 3% of sucrose as a carbon source. 4) four days for a period of cultivation.