Determination by Neutron Analysis of Mercury Residues in Foodstuffs

방사화분석법에 의한 식품중의 잔류수은의 정량

  • 전세열 (원자력연구소 생물학연구실)
  • Published : 1971.12.28


In order to find out the degree of mercury contamination of common foodstuffs a series of determination was carried out by a highly sensitive activation analysis and the following results were obtained. 1. Polished rice contained 0.050 ppm of mercury whereas rice bran had 0.095 ppm mercury which was found in other grain in lesser degree. 2. Vegetables and fruits also contained $0.035{\sim}0.190\;ppm$ of mercury with relatively small variations from sample except persimmon which had a considerably higher amount of mercury. 3. Soybean sprout contained an unexpectantly high amount of mercury. 4. Of the animal products chicken and egg contained more mercury than the meat.