Determination of Bromine, Arsenic, Mercury, and Selenium in Plant by Neutron Activation Analysis

방사화분석법에 의한 식물 중의 Br, As, Hg, Se의 정량

  • 전세열 (원자력연구소 생물학연구실)
  • Published : 1971.12.28


The sensitive technique of activation analysis is well suited for this study since the elements such as As, Br, and Se in tobaccoes are expected to be high concentration. As, Br, and Hg were determined by Bethge destruction method and subsequent neutron activation analysis. $^{77m}Se$ was also by non-destruction activation analysis. The quantities of the element determined in Korean tobaccoes are given as follows in ppm: As, 0.65 ppm. Hg, 0.74 ppm. Se, 1.18 ppm. Br, 7.1 ppm. From the date given it seems that Korean tobaccoes and foreign tobaccoes contained considerably high concentration of selenium and mercury.