Studies on the Physical Properties and Application of EPDM-Polymer Blends. Part 1. Physical Properties for EPDM-NR Blends

EPDM과 각종(各種) Polymer의 Blend에 의(依)한 성능변화(性能變化) 및 그 응용(應用)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)(제1보(第1報)) EPDM과 Natural Rubber의 Blend에 대(對)하여

  • Published : 1971.12.31


The purpose of this study is to establish an effective way to utilize the application of EPDM-Polymer blends. First of all, the physical properties for EPDM/NR blends and compounding agents were studied. The results are shown as follows: 1. In blending, tensile strength and tear strength decreased with increase in EPDM contents. It was not effective more than the ratio of EPDM/NR is 50/50. 2. Elongation is influenced by blending, especially the ratio of EPDM/NR is 50/50. 3. It was found that both the resistance for ozone and aging were much improved after blending.