Studies on the Physical Properties and Application of EPDM-Polymer Blends. Part 2. Physical Properties for EPDM-SBR Blends

EPDM과 각종(各種) Polymer의 Blend에 의(依)한 성능변화(性能變化) 및 그 응용(應用)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) (제2보(第2報)) EPDM과 Butadiene-Styrene Rubber의 Blend에 대(對)하여

  • Published : 1971.12.31


As a series of the studies of EPDM-Polymer blends, the experiments are concentrated to the investigation of the physical properties of the EPDM-SBR blends. The results are shown as follows: 1. Tensile strength decreased with increase in EPDM contents and the decreasing value was good results than NR blending. 2. It was found that the aging were much improved after blending and experiments data was good results than NR blending.