Effects of Decoction Powder of Aconite Root on Blood Picture, Uptake of 42K and 24Na, and Thyroid Activity in Experimental Animals

부자전즙분말(附子煎汁粉末)이 실험동물(實驗動物)의 혈액상(血液像), 42K 와 24Na의 섭취(攝取) 및 갑상선(甲狀腺) 기능(機能)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Rhee, Young So (Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agriculture, Seoul National University)
  • 이영소 (서울대학교 농과대학 수의학과)
  • Published : 1971.09.01


The effects of aconite root in rats and rabbits were studied following oral administration of the powder which was prepared by lyophilization of the decoction of the salted aconite roots. The $LD_{50}$ of the powder, the blood picture, total blood volume, uptake rate of ${42}^K$ and ${24}^Na$ in various organs, oxygen consumption, thyroid activity, and histopathological changes in various organs, were observed. The results obtained were as follows: 1. The $LD_{50}$ of the powder of decoction of the aconite root was 4.07g/kg of body weight in mice which is equivalent to approximately 40g/kg of the salted aconite roots. 2. The number of erythrocytes and leukocytes, hematocrit value, and the amount of hemoglobin in blood were increased in the rats administered daily dosages of 0.1, 0.5, and 1.0g/kg respectively. No significant differences were observed in the differential count of leukocytes. A slight tendency of hemoconcentration was recognized. 3. No changes in the erythrocyte volume, plasma volume and total blood volume were observed in the rats after administration of the powder for one, three, and six days. However, those were decreased in rats treated for ten days. 4. Generally, in various organs of rats the uptake rate of ${24}^Na$ showed a tendency of increasing but that of ${42}^K$ slowed a decreasing tendency. 5. The oxygen consumption was markedly decreased in rats administered the powder. 6. Iodine-131 uptake of thyroid gland was markedly decreased in the rabbits following administration of the powder. 7. In rabbits administered 0.5g/kg for 20 days, fatty changes of hepatic cells, cloudy swelling of the epithelial cells of proximal convoluted tubules of the kidney and the dilation of splenic sinuses were observed, however, milder changes were found in rabbits treated with 0.1g/kg for the same period.